Stop, Block Unwanted, Adult Web Sites In Google Chrome

Security is one of the major concern when we are using internet. You would never like to open few websites on your computer may be due to virus problems, unwanted pop-ups and many more. You may take care but to a limit. You might not be aware of certain websites. Specifically, when your system is being used by your friends, you can’t keep an eye on them. You need to bar these websites to ensure a safe use of internet. Goodness is one such extension designed for google chrome to block the websites, you don’t want to use.

Goodness is for the fruitful use of the internet. It has been specially designed for the users who want to filter the adult websites. It is available free of cost. You just have to install the extension. It will be installed in few seconds.


Now you can make the desired settings. Go to the Google extensions in the tools option. Then select the Options of goodness extension. The page shown in the snapshot below will be displayed. Enter the required filter settings. The filter can be set in two ways: based on the webpage title and based on the URLs (web address). Make the entries you want to block.


Now, whenever you have to open a new page or enter a website on google chrome, first it will match the phrases. Any phrase that is matching with the filter settings will be barred. And the website will be blocked. So, make sure about the filter settings you are implementing. It may not block the required pages. Even if there is any such problem, you can delete those filters or even uninstall it if not required.

One of the good things about goodness is that the settings are automatically saved. You don’t have to worry about any new settings. The utility will be highly beneficial for the official use, where you don’t want the users to access facebook, orkut and other social networking websites. You don’t need high technological support to solve this problem. Just filter them in the browser.Other than that it will also support when parents are worried about the safe and correct use of internet by their children. The software has been designed so that the user himself learn not to use the unethical websites in the future.

Now, you can easily block the websites for your system. Use the internet for safe and better things.

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  1. My problem. I want block adult and porn site’s on my computer in google crome.

  2. I want to block unwanted sites such as images and videos related with nudity ,porn and sex matters on my computer in google chrome and also in

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