Stop Computer From Automatic Sleep, Shut Down, or Hibernate on Inactivity

At some point of time or other, you must have encountered situations where while working late at night you unknowingly fall asleep and during your sleep your computer just automatically shuts down or hibernates and you lose important data.


If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, it has a feature to automatically turn off display when there is no activity for 10 minutes and to put the computer to sleep after 30 minutes whether you want it or not. if you don’t touch the mouse or keyboard for 10 minutes, the computer unanimously thinks you are away though that might not necessarily be the case. The computer may have been being used for projecting a chart or info on the wall. after 10 minutes of absence of activity, the computer will be projecting your screen saver and you will have to walk to your computer to move the mouse or hit a key on the keyboard.

So here’s the good news and its time to bid goodbye to such situations. Now your computer wont shut down, hibernate, restart, turn off or standby against your wish.And what’s going to make that happen?

its the new software called Don’t sleep 2.21. This little tool allows you to control whether or not ,when and for how much time your computer shuts down, hibernates or goes into power saver mode.

In addition to this, it also prevents logging off of the computer, deactivation of the monitor and activation of the screen saver as per your requirements. You must be thinking that all this can even be done manually by disabling the options in control panel and later activating them but would you want to waste your time in such a thing when you can do it within seconds ? Don’t sleep not only saves you hand moves and time, it is also makes the task really easy!

The options provided in Don’t sleep are very straight forward and can be used by anyone and that makes the user interface rally easy to use. For example if you want to prevent your computer from going into standby mode, you just need to see to it that the standby checkbox is checked. yes that’s it! also the timer can be used to set the time for automatically disabling this setting and switching to default mode. easy isn’t it?

Don’t sleep can remotely be configured using the mini http feature. All you have to do is go to the Don’t sleep from the menu bar and then select enabling the mini http feature. once done,you can have full access to Don’t sleep settings by typing ‘http://Computer.IP.Address:8080/’ in any web browser and you’re done.


Security of your personal settings is not at all a problem as you can also enable the login feature to deny any kind of unauthorized access to your Don’t sleep. And to make things all the more easier, Don’t sleep does not need to be installed and the execution can be done directly from the desktop. It is even portable and can be carried anywhere in a USB stick or other memory devices

So, its now time to have full control over every move your computer makes, after all its YOUR computer! And with all the features that this software offers it will definitely lure you towards itself.

Download Don’t Sleep


  1. Hey here’s an interesting one, been searching all over but couldn’t find a solution…

    When I wake up my computer, if it get’s to the login screen and I don’t move the mouse, it will go to standby after just a few short seconds. Even if I use the keyboard to log in (double-tab and put in my password) it will still go to standby while I’m already in Windows after those few seconds have run.

    Using windows 7 home premium on a Dell studio laptop 1458. Don’t think it matters but I’m using FastAccess facial recognition software in my login screen (it rarely works, I just type in my password)

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