Stop & Disable Experience/Assessment Index Tool – WinSAT.exe In Windows 7 and Windows Vista


This problem has been faced by a one of our reader who just upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows Vista, and from day one he started noticing a program called WinSAT.exe which keeps running in the background from time to time automatically. There is no easy way to disable this Experience/Assessment Index Tool in windows 7 as it is not associated with any service, rather it is integrated as scheduled task which runs automatically from task scheduler.


What is WinSAT.exe ?

WinSAT.exe (System Assessment Tool) integrated in windows  runs a series of tests and then rates your computer on a scale ranging from 1 through 5. WinSAT.exe actually rates several subsets of your computer system, including processor, memory, primary hard disk, graphics, and gaming graphics.


Lets find out how to stop WinSAT.exe and prevent it from running automatically in future.


Follow the procedure below to disable this process from running.

1. Open Control Panel >> Administrative Tools

2. Double click Task Scheduler


3. Browse to Microsoft\Windows\Maintenance, and Disable the task named "WinSAT"

[ as shown in the image below ]


4. Right click and select disable for WinSAT task in task scheduler.

If the above procedure does not solve the purpose, let us know through comments.

15 responses to “Stop & Disable Experience/Assessment Index Tool – WinSAT.exe In Windows 7 and Windows Vista”

  1. Thanks, it worked. It was very annoying as I only wanted to run the tool once in a while, rather than (possibly) every day.

  2. I also do not have a Maintenance folder, yet I can still see WinSAT.exe in the processes tab… Please help, I’ve been searching for days.

  3. Thanks! But note that the task might appear to be “Disabled” in the scheduler, and yet it WILL run again. You want to also select any triggers (usually a scheduled weekly time) and delete THEM as well.

    (The bug that task scheduler ignores “disabled” status complements the bugs whereby it ignores any scheduling-constraints along the lines of “don’t run when I’m trying to get work done!”)

  4. Thanks very much. My CPU fan suddenly started going really fast and then really slow, over and over.. it had never done that before so I checked my process list and saw WinSAT eating up 75 % performance. Thanks to your advice I saw in task scheduler that it was set to do so once a week. I disabled it. 🙂 hope that stops it.

  5. My problem: Every time when I start up or reboot my notebook winsat.exe will be executed and wastes huge amount of performance during booting. I usually shut down the process winsat.exe using task scheduler, which improves performance instantly. Anyone knows how I can stop winsat.exe to be executed when booting win7?!
    Unfortunatelly a/m fix didn´t solve my problem.
    Thx in advance!

  6. To those saying they dont have a maintenace folder, you need to click the arrow on the left of task scheduler library, clicking on the word itself does not seem to drop the menu down, upon doing this, a dropdown should appear with more folder, click the arrow next to microsoft, then next to windows, and then you should see a maintenance folder

  7. This hasn’t worked for me sadly. I’ve never before been in the Task Scheduler but I just keep getting the message “Task System ToolsDailyTest: The task image is corrupt or has been tampered with” and then it shuts itself down. Any suggestions at all please? This WIN.SAT auto-running while in the middle of doing stuff is most annoying.

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