[Privacy] Stop Flash Player To Use Camera and Microphone in Windows Tablet, PC or Phone

Most Internet bowsers in Windows uses Flash player for playing Flash based content and Flash is a strong platform not only for displaying the content, but also it has capability to take inputs from microphone and camera to support multimedia and communication related software and applications in Windows. But for the privacy of the users, it is not advisable to allow Flash to use the microphone and camera until the user is sure what he/she is allowing.

In this article, we cover a simple and easy tutorial to stop Flash player from using microphone and camera inputs from users in Windows 7 and Windows 8 based computers, laptops, tablets and phones. It is recommended that for your privacy, you make these changes. There are options to specifically allow or disallow only certain websites to use camera and microphone in Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Step 1: Open Control Panel. (For Windows 8, see –How To Open Control Panel in Windows 8) and locate the red icon of Flash Player.

Screenshot (5)

Step 2: On the flash player settings window, click on the Camera and Mic tab.

Screenshot (6)

Step 3: On Camera and Mic tab, select the option which says- “Block all sites from using the camera and microphone”

Screenshot (7)

This is it, you are done. However for advanced users, who may want to allow specific websites to block or allow, click on the button which says “Camera and Microphone settings by Site”

Screenshot (9)

Here you can add or remove the websites you want to block or allow to use the camera and microphone. Note, after making these changes, you may not be able to use voice and video chat services which work using flash player from within the browsers.

We hope you found the above tutorial simple and easy to follow, check out some more Windows 8 Tutorials by Trouble Fixers here.

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