[Solved] Mouse Cursor Moves On Screen When Mouse is Not Moving

This has happened to some of our readers and is very common when they see the mouse cursor moving or dancing on the computer screen when there is no movement on mouse, which means that mouse cursor moves on its own when mouse is still and not being used by anyone. This may sound very strange to you if this has not happened with u anytime while using computers, this problem only occurs with desktop with either the wired or wireless optical mouse is connected.

mouse dust cause mouse pointer to move

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Some people reported this with their wired mouse in which the mouse cursor moves on the screen even when mouse and some other users reported that the mouse cursor moves or dance on screen until it moves t the corner of the screen.

Solutions To Mouse Cursor Moving Problems

After searching about this problem, we found that this is quite a common problem and solution can be simple but different for different types of mouse and conditions in which the mouse is used, the solution also depend on what is the hardware quality of the mouse you are using.

Optical or Wired Mouse ?

Talking about the solution, you should first ask either you are using the optical or wired mouse as this issue can happen with both of these types of mouse, so this ones rules out but as per the user reports we have got you get to see more of this issue when you have a optical mouse.

Did You Tried Other Mouse ?

Yes, most of the time when users changed the old mouse with a new one, this issue was gone and the mouse cursor stays on the screen static after changing the mouse. But in case if the issue still persist we recommend changing the mouse pad. Does The Surface On Which You Use Mouse Have Reflection ?

If you use any or in other case you can change the surface on which you use it, any dark surface with less reflection will help you to get rid of this issue.

Dust Below Mouse On Touch Points ?

Another reason for auto mouse cursor movements could be due to the dust deposited on the surface of the mouse points which touch the surface. If you clean the mouse, it could really help you to get rid of the mouse cursor movement on its own

Does Your Mouse Dance Only Or Do Something ?

If your mouse actually dance only or do something and if does launch a program or some apps there could be a serious malware infection on your computer. In such case, you can remove the virus or malware infection by following our guides on how to clean malware from your computer and for future you can also follow our guide on how to prevent malware infection on your PC


  1. If you don’t use a mouse pad it may happen!
    In cases when the surface is not flat it happens!

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