[How To] Stop Mozilla Firefox From Updating Automatically

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular Internet browsers used across different computer OS platforms and offers good features and performance. It was one of the undisputed winners in the browsers space before the Chrome came in and stole the thunder. Still there are very large number of users who use and love Firefox for its features and flexibility. One of the features of Firefox which sometimes annoys me as the automatic update which is on by default. Although it’s a very good feature when considering the security and features upgrades, but on the flip side, you maybe on travel or on a limited connection where you have limited bandwidth or expansive data transfer rates, in such instances, if the Firefox updates itself without asking for your permission, you may end up spending for the unplanned data. In this article, we share with you a quick and easy tutorial using which you can stop Firefox from updating automatically.


Prevent Automatic Update Of Mozilla Firefox Browser

Simply follows the below steps to prevent automatic update of Mozilla Firefox browser:

Step 1: Launch Firefox browser and go to Tools > Options.

Stop Firefox From Updating Automatically (1)

Step 2: On the options Window, clock on the Advanced settings tab.

Stop Firefox From Updating Automatically (2)

Step 3: Under Advanced settings, click on the Update tab.

Stop Firefox From Updating Automatically (3)

Step 4: In the Firefox updates: options, select the option which says “Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them”. After selecting this option click OK button.

The above setting is an optimum way out as Firefox will notify you when an update is available and you can choose to update it at that time or delay it for the time when you are on your home or office network. This settings gives you control as well as helps you remain updates as well. We hope you find the above tip easy and simple to follow, do check out some more Tips and Tricks by Trouble Fixers.


  1. long time user of firefox ans with each new issue something is broken you cant use something or it just kinda well…I dont know if it’s so popular anymore,it;s last round of updates its not even capable of importing bookmarks,if customizing and having addons is essential then you use it.I have gone to Opera I had enough of all the broken firefox addons and glitches!

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