Stop Pictures To Open In Full Screen Photos Metro App In Windows 8

Windows 8 is no doubt seems to be the best designed and consumer friendly version on windows released till now, but the new metro UI does not provide a right user experience all the time. As some thing annoying happened with me the other day when I tired to open a picture and view it, it opened in the photos metro app in windows 8 suddenly when I was doing other things in with some other programs.


The full screen was occupied by the photo and hidden all other apps and programs running previously and were and visible on the screen, the full screen photo viewing could be useful in cases when a user is viewing photos only, so I decided to get rid of the full screen photos photo viewer as this was not the case with me.

In order to change this, I right clicked on the image and then selected Properties and then clicked the change button.


Now you will see different programs to choose from, and you should select Windows Photo Viewer from the list of these programs.


Above procedure is done for a specific image file extension but if you if you want this change to be done for all the photos and images, you will need to change the default image viewer – For this you will need to change it from control panel >> default programs and select “Set your default programs” and here you need to scroll down and locate windows photo viewer and then set it as default as shown in the image below.


This is how you can get rid of the photos metro app which opens every image in full screen view.

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