Stop Restart Now Message Appearing Again & Again In Windows

Usually, our installed windows keep checking for updates to keep itself updated. For this, most of us keep the option of automatic windows update ON so that whenever windows find a new update, it updates itself automatically which is really a good feature.

But after its automatic update, it asks to restart the computer now with a small pop-up window. It also gives the option of restarting it later. But, after only 10 minutes, it again ask us to restart the computer to complete the reboot until we finally restart it leaving our other tasks in between. This message is very annoying especially when we are busy with some really important work.

In solution to this problem, there is a freeware called Leave Me Alone which will temporarily turn off this message and allow you to work in peace.

leave Me Alone is a smart and tiny application especially designed to just turn off the restart now window for the smooth working. It is compatible with windows 7, vista, xp, 2003 and 2000 server. The application is portable and needs no installation. Whenever you will face the restart now window on your desktop, you just have to run the application which will show this window.


You just have to click the ‘Leave me alone’ option and its done. You will be shown a new window in just a second which will ensure you that you can now work without the disturbance of restart now pop-up window.

NOTE: It will just temporarily stop the pop-up window and is not the permanent solution.

After completing your important work, you must restart the computer to complete the reboot and that is the permanent solution.

So, all windows users must have this light application in their system for avoiding that annoying message and smoother working.

Download Leave Me Alone

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