[Privacy] Stop Strangers On Skype From Calling Or Sending Instant Message

Skype is one of the most popular VIOP platform which works across platforms on computers as well as smartphones and does a brilliant job when it comes to online calling. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and many other platforms. It became so popular that Microsoft purchased it. Enough said about the Skype, but like any good thing, there are some threats and dark sides involved. One of the dark sides of the Skype is related to the privacy on the the Internet. By default, Skype allows anyone to call you on it. In this article, we show you how you can easily block strangers from calling you on Skype and how you can prevent other from sending instant messages to you on Skype.


Change Skype Privacy Settings To Make Them Strict

It is fairly simple to change the Skype policies to make them strict and prevent strangers from calling or sending any instant message to you on Skype. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Launch Skype application and log into it.

Skype Privacy Settings (1)

Step 2: Go to Tools > Options

Skype Privacy Settings (2)

Step 3: On the options screen, locate the privacy options and click on it.

Skype Privacy Settings (3)

Step 4: In privacy settings, in the “Allow calls from…” select the option “people in my contact list only”. This will prevent people who are off-your-contact-list to calling from you.

In the options “Automatically receive video and share screens with…” select the option “people in my contact list only

And for the “Allow IMs from..” option again select “people in my contact list only”.

Skype Privacy Settings (4)

Step 5: After you have changed the above settings, click on the Save button and its done. These settings will ensure that strangers (who have your Skype user id for whatever reason) will not be able to call you.

However, people off-your-list can still send you a request to add them to your list, so it won’t block everyone from you, but other users need to be on your contact list by your approval before they can call you on Skype. This does ensure the privacy on your Skype account especially if your kids use your computer and/or they use Skype on your computer or smartphone. Check out some more Security related tips from Trouble Fixers.

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