Stop Windows 7 Laptop From Sleeping On Closing Lid

May new laptops running Windows 7  are configured in such a way that they go to sleep when you close their lid. This might be a really way of saving energy when not in use, but many people, like me, who will schedule some work on the laptop like backups or downloads may not like this feature.


By closing the lid, i just want to get some privacy so that nobody can see my laptop screen and I want the downloads and data backup to continue while I have closed the lid. Closing lid also helps to save power because display of the laptop also consumes considerable part of your laptop battery / power. However you can still turn off your display even when the lid is open using this tool called MonitorOff


In this post, I will give you a step by step guide on How To Prevent Windows 7 Laptop from Sleeping On Closing Lid.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Power Options. Click on “Change plan settings” for the power plan that you usually use as shown below.

windows 7 laptop settings

2. On this Edit Plan Settings Window, click on “Change advanced power settings”.

windows 7 power option actions

3. On this Power Options window as shown below, scroll to the “Power buttons and lid”, click on the small “+” symbol there, it will expand the options. Then click on the “+” symbol in front of “Lid close action” , click the “On  battery” option and select the option called “Do nothing”, likewise click on “Plugged on” and select “Do nothing”.

Click apply and OK at the bottom of this window.

Windows 7 lid close action in advanced power settings

This is it, i hope you find this tutorial easy to follow, Check out – Computer Tips And Tricks articles on Trouble Fixers.


  1. Excellent. I’ve been search for the answer to this for days now. Didn’t see the Advanced Power Options in this window at first. Works now, well done!

  2. So of course you can modify any power profile, I’m looking for a util to temporarily disable it, as usually I want my comp to sleep on close, but occasionally need that to not be.

  3. I got it working some weeks ago but now after I reboot the machine the changes are lost. This started happening after I applied some Windows updates. Crappy Microsoft.

  4. really it works fine but i am facing two problems
    1) after some time(30-60 minute) laptop plays some music internally
    2) after 3-4 hour if i open my laptop i am getting my grub window(password protected)

    can anyone suggest why is the solution for such problems?

  5. Dilip – you have grub installed and are asking this?!? Odd.

    1 – I’m guessing that’s the windows “sleep” sound?

    2 – That’s because Windows has gone into hybernate mode, surely?

  6. sir.. I followed ur steps all the way to the end, but how come I somehow stuck at the last step to change sleep-> do nothing, they don’t let me …. why???

  7. Hey,
    Thanks for your guidance, but I still have a problem.
    I own a Samgung RV515 lap top (Win.7), and this model isn’t allowing me to change this option.
    Is there a possible scrip i could down load that will enable this option?

    Many Thanks,

  8. hey i’m havng a samsung RV509(win 7)…
    I’m too having the same problem as Mlayer4 said….
    i cant load tat option…its hidden….
    Pl give a solution….

  9. I’m having the same problem above where the option is greyed out. Any advice to bypass this would be helpful. Thanks!

  10. Thank you! I got a work laptop in Korea and everything is in Korean! So the step by step instructions really helped!

  11. hey thank u but when i went to the last step they wont let me to change the option
    plz help me:)

  12. lol, wow, I got all the way to the last instruction on my own but totally missed the “Power buttons and Lid” drop down, thanks a million man, helped a lot

  13. It’s the Samsung Fast Start program that causes the disabled options.
    To fix it:
    Go to Start/All Programs/Samsung/Fast Start, which will open and you will see the default setting is ‘On’. Select ‘Off’.
    Go back to the power option controls and the option to ‘Do Nothing’ for Lid Close Action will be there.

  14. Patrick, you saved me from returning my brand new samsung laptop..i absolutely love it except for that feature, you are AWESOME! Thanks!

  15. this still makes it sleep or whatever while the system is booting or before log on

  16. My office laptop (Toshiba Tecra M11) was recently upgraded to Win7 Professional from XP. Just the OS chnage, no hardware chnage at all.
    Whenever my office laptop reboots, the network (wired or wireless), both take about 3-5 minutes after the desktop shows up. Is there a way to have this show up as soon as the bootup is complete or minimize it to 10-15 seconds after reboot ? However, it was working great on XP without any issues.

    I also use a personal laptop (HP dv4-2165dx) at home which has come with Win 7 Home Edition and it does not take more than 10 secs to shows the network (Wi-Fi). It is all the time on Wi-Fi and never on Ethernet.

    Any suggestions for my office laptop ?

  17. Thanks for the easy directions. This issue has been bugging me for a while.

  18. Thanks! My laptop suddenly started sleeping when the lid was closed after I installed some RAM and HP couldn’t even tell me this fix!

  19. Patrick,
    Nice moves. I too love this Samsung Laptop, but HATED that it slept every time I closed it. Thanks dude!

  20. Mucho Thanks,
    I found this fix action to be quite simple to accomplish. Now my women won’t get as much grief from me…. About the computer.


  21. Thanks so much, I was always drawn to the “Choose what happens when you close the lid” option on the left sidebar, didn’t realize the power options have advanced settings that override that. My boss was starting to get livid, so thanks for possibly saving my job, lol!

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