Stop Windows 8 Apps/Softwares To Use Your Location

Windows 8 is designed to be used on computers, touch screen devices, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. with similar looking interface across devices and almost similar core with all these devices. The advantage it brings to Microsoft is that it will help bring more users to Windows and they will get more familiar and comfortable with the working of these devices.

We have already talked about many aspect of Windows 8 in our previous tutorials and article, taking that further, we will today talk about one very important area of computing which is Privacy. Many applications and softwares use your data for their own functionality and they may accidentally share this data with social networks or people with whom you may not like to disclose your location. There may be many unforeseen scenarios in which your location can be used by the applications on Windows 8 tablets, PC, laptops etc. We are not telling you this to scare you, rather we are sharing this information with you so that you are aware that there is something like this happening on your Windows 8 device.

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Thankfully, Microsoft respects users privacy and they have provided the options to their users to turn off sharing their location with the applications or softwares installed on Windows 8 device. In this article, we share with you a simple 3 step tutorial to turn off location sharing with Windows 8 Apps and Softwares. By default, on new installation on Windows 8 PC, as tested on RTM version of Windows 8, the location sharing with apps is turned on. Just follow these simple 3 steps to stop Windows 8 Apps from using your location.

Step1: Click on the bottom right corner of the start screen and click on Settings > Change PC Settings. Alternatively, click Windows Key +I and click on Change PC settings.

Hide Windows 8 PC Location From Apps (1)Hide Windows 8 PC Location From Apps (4)

Step2: On the PC settings screen, click on Privacy.

Hide Windows 8 PC Location From Apps (2)

Step 3: In the privacy options on the right hand side, click on the toggle option to turn off the option which says “Let apps use my location

Hide Windows 8 PC Location From Apps (3)

That is it, its this simple and quick to turn off location sharing with apps on Windows 8 platform. Hope you find it easy to follow, do share this with your friends. Check out more Tips and Tutorials on Windows 8.

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