Stop Windows Messenger To Auto Run At Startup

You may encounter an issue when windows messenger starts with windows startup, if you don’t want to see windows messenger from starting up in windows you can easily stop it from windows startup. By Default Windows Messenger is automatically loaded and running when a user logs on to a Windows computer.


Follow the step by step procedure to stop windows messenger from starting up.

1. Open Start Menu >> Run Prompt and type gpedit.msc and press ok  

2. Locate the setting under User Administration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Messenger 


3. Double click the setting to enable to disable it.

If you enable this setting, Windows Messenger will not be loaded automatically when a user logs on.

If you disable or do not configure this setting, the Windows Messenger will be loaded automatically at logon.

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Note: This setting simply prevents Windows Messenger from running initially. If the user invokes and uses Windows Messenger from that point on, Windows Messenger will be loaded.

If you do not want users to use Windows Messenger, enable the "Do not allow Windows Messenger to run" setting.


Note: This setting is available under both Computer Configuration and User Configuration. If both are present, the Computer Configuration version of this setting takes precedence.

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