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Feeling stress out? Stress is an emotional and physical response to pressure from the outside world. When you get angry, tense, or stressed out, your heart best increases, affecting your whole body and mind, and things can go wrong because of it in your life. In this modern world, almost all the age groups are affected by stress, be it stress due to your strict boss in your office, due to huge amount of syllabus for exams or by any other means. If you can’t manage your stress well or find a way to deal with it, it can turn into serious disease and affect your life and relationship with others. People spend large amount of money on therapies or drugs to release their stress, but you release all you stress without spending a single penny by playing a game. Can you believe it? Yes, you can relieve your stress by playing game named Stress Relief.


Stress Relief is a simple portable game application that can probably help to relieve a bit of your stress. This application offers you nine different tools including hammer, chain saw, machine gun, flame thrower, colour thrower, stamp, termites and washer to reduce your stress significantly. To relieve your frustration, you can choose hammer to smash the screen, chain saw to cut, machine gun to shoot. You can also spread termites on the entire screen by choosing termite tool. You can choose different tools by right clicking and then choose whichever tool you want to use. You can also choose tools by pressing the number 1 to 9 from keyboard. After closing the Stress Relief application, your destructed screen will be recovered again.

Stress Relief application works well with windows XP, vista, Windows 7 and is compatible with both Windows-32 bit and Windows-64 bit.

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Download Stress Relief game

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  1. IT is THE best
    i hav i problem opening GMAIL & Yahoo
    whenever i open it dose’t open it

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