How To Switch Between Partial And Full RSS Feeds On WordPress Blog

If you are new to WordPress and have started your WordPress blog or website recently, you might be wondering why some WordPress website’s RSS feed is full in text and why some other websites have partial text or summary text in the RSS feeds. The fact is that it is a very simple and generic setting in WordPress and you can change it quickly by simply changing this setting. But before you make any changes to it, I will share in brief the benefits of using full and partial RSS feeds in your WordPress blogs.

Benefits of full RSS Feed: Full RSS feed provides an easy to use reading experience to the readers using their web based RSS readers or desktop RSS clients. While it helps increase the readership, but it does prevent visitors to come back to the website for reading the content.

Benefits of partial RSS Feed: Partial RSS Feed sends a RSS feed summary or partial feed or excerpt to the readers in their RSS clients or readers which is more like sending a summary or notification of new content. While it required extra efforts on the part of the readers to click on the summary links to open the website to read full content, it helps the webmasters or website owners as more readers visit the website which is vital in case the content is being monetized with Ads or though any other ways.


Switch Between Partial Or Full Feed In WordPress

Simply follow the below steps to switch between Full and Partial feed depending on your needs.

Step 1: Log Into your WordPress dashboard with an administrator level account.

Step 2: Go to  Settings > Reading

Step 3: In Reading settings, locate the option  “For each article in a feed, show” , here you can switch between the “Full text” and “Summary” options.

wordpress feed settings

Step 4: Simply click the Save Changes button after you have selected the option you need. By default, the option selected is the Full text, so if you have a new blog and you want to keep the RSS in full, you need not change the settings.

Hope you find the above tip useful. Check out some more WordPress tips and tricks by Trouble Fixers.

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