Sync, Refresh Folder Contents Files After Every X Number Of Days

Many of us like to keep a copy of the important folders with their respective backups to make sure that we do not loose the important data inside it. But, just making a copy of the working folder is not enough, keeping it updated with the new data is more important.

So, for this, many of us always copy the entire folder to its copy no matter the data which was already there will be re-written. For small data folders, it is ok but when it comes to large folders, it is just a waste of time to copy the entire folder. Also, if we think of copying only modified or added data then also, it takes time in searching for that.

So, for this problem, there is a freeware called Sync Last Files which help you synchronize folders based on the number of days saving a lot of time.

Sync Last Files is a smart application which is designed to synchronize only files which have been modified in past several days. The tool is compatible with windows 7, vista , xp, 2003 and 2000. After installation, its main window will look like this.


For synchronizing two folders, you first have to make a new project using the option if file menu. Here, you have to first give the name of your project which will help you later in remembering the folders content. Then, you just have to browse the two folders. This software has also built in support for taking backup every time you synchronize files which is a unique and useful feature.


After creating a new project, you just have to open the project using the option ‘open’. Now, first you should select number of days in the option ‘project’.


after this, you just have to select the option ‘Find files’ present on the main window which will produce the result in just a few seconds. From there, you can copy the files or folders either from left folder to right or vice-versa using the main window options ‘From left’ and ‘From right’ respectively.


Now, next time you have to synchronize the same folders, you just have to open the saved project and can save the time in making the project again. You may make some changes in your saved project using the option ‘Modify’ if you want. So, the tool is really good and saves a lot of time.

Download Sync Last Files

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