Get System Information And Test Computer Hardware In Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most user friendly and pleasant variants of Linux which I have ever used.  I have installed Ubuntu inside Windows  using WUBI installer both on my desktop and laptop computer. However I initially faced some glitches in making Wifi Work on my HP Laptop with Ubuntu. While playing around with Ubuntu options, I came across a very useful functionality of Ubuntu which is in-built called as “System Testing”. In this article I will share details of this feature and its working.


To run System Testing, you can go to “System > Administration > System Testing” in the Ubuntu menu. This System testing is used to Test and Report System information in detail. More than just system information, this Wizard tests all the hardware components and tests them in real time to check whether these components are working as desired or not. If certain component is not working properly, you can troubleshoot and download individual drivers for those hardware components.

system_administration_system testing

When you launch this Wizard, it will prompt you of any previous unfinished system testing.

system testing

It will start testing all the components one by one. It shows the hardware name, type of component and also gives you option to test that certain component. For example, in case of Audio components, it gives you an option to test the sound by actually playing that sound from the speaker system.

system testing1

After it plays the sound, it will ask you whether you heard the sound or not so make a report of the successful and unsuccessful tests at the end of all system testing.


The testing is quite large and almost exhaustive. It tests for Speakers, headphones and microphone components during sound component testing.


In hard-disk testing, it will show you the detected hard drives and thereafter will run a disk benchmarking test. This means that you don’t need any external utility for benchmarking of computer hard disk with Ubuntu.


It will run the hard disk benchmark in real-time and will display the results after a few seconds.


It also tests for Video, display modes, resolution modes, pixel testing, video playback testing, network testing, Internet connectivity testing, DVD Testing and a lot more. And almost all of these tests are very interactive in nature where it will show you something and ask you for your feedback.


After all these tests are finished, it generates and stores a report on your computer. You can click the View Report link to display the report.


The report is also detailed and contains the results of all the tests performed above on a single page.


This testing is one of the most convenient way of testing all of the components of your computer after you Install Ubuntu Linux on it.


Hope you find this tool easy to test and diagnose hardware on your Ubuntu system.

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