Test, Preview A Website On Different Screen Resolution In Google Chrome

The web developers have to keep in mind a number of things while designing the page. Only the content part can’t always work out alone. The outlook is as important issue because it makes the page attractive for the reader. And it is important to gain the attention of the viewer. The page which is available in different resolution or sizes is a considerable factor. Now the web page can be viewed in different sizes and thus the developer can make the alterations according to those sizes and requirements. This amazing utility is a google chrome extension called Resolution test.

This extension is a wonderful availability for the web developers as well as many others. It is a very light tool and will be downloaded very soon. It is directly installed on the google chrome browser and will be present on the top right corner of the browser. It has been displayed in the snapshot below.

Resolution Test - Google Chrome extension gallery - Google Chrome_2010-10-26_23-12-04

The snapshot clearly shows that there are large number of resolution factors available. You can click on any one to see the google chrome page in different sizes. Resizing by the specific size is much more easier then with the mouse every time. There is also another good option. You can check box different sizes and click on view all selected in one go. It makes the task easier and faster. Also, it will help in making comparisons between two.You can also make use of some options shown.

For example, click on options will take you to the other features available as shown in the snapshot below.


Here, you can enter the new width and height as per your requirement. Enter the values and click on Add. You can delete any of the existing resolution factor also by just clicking on the cross in front of it. Whereas the arrows will help you to slide them up or down. So, that you can work with them as per your convenience. The Reset to defaults option will assist you to present the original sizes provided by the software. But once chosen the changes you have made cannot be recovered. Check box other options if required.

Now, the google chrome user can resize the browser easily. Just the specific size can be chosen. It will also help in multitasking when there is a need to open various windows simultaneously. You can specify the size for future use. The size will be saved till you delete it. So, enjoy the tool and resize the browser in few clicks.

Install Resolution Test

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