Test Your Hard Disk Health With Free Utilities


Does your computer restart abruptly, or gets hanged or becomes erratically slow sometimes?

If your answer is yes, then Its quite possible that the hard-disk of your computer has gone bad.


In continuation to our series of the post on RAM Diagnostic utility, in this post I will share with you the method of Checking the Hard Disk Fitness. This is specially useful if your computer is not booting up and you are not sure whether the hard disk is bad or the RAM!


Lets see how to check the drive fitness in an easy way.


Hitachi Drive Fitness Tool for Hard Disks


You need to download CD image and create the bootable CD using this ISO image.

Download link is at the end of the post.

After you download and boot from this disk, you can boot screen like one below:



Press Enter for default option on this screen



Press Enter again

licence agreement


After you accept the licence agreement, you see the list of drives detected by the tool. Select your hard drive which you want to scan.



Confirm the disk. Now you can select from quick test or complete test. After this press start button.


The test is in progress in snap-sot below:


After the test completes, there will be a result display which tells you whether the disk is healthy or not.


A green screen with Disposition code =0x00 menas that drive is fit 🙂


But for any problems, it will show red color with disposition code that tells what is wrong with the drive. Earlier I got error that the bus cable is faulty, I replaced the cable and tested again, and it gave green. Its a good and light utility.

Download Hitachi Drive Fitness Test Tool


  1. Another great set of tools for hard drive fitness checking is “smartmontools” in linux. It will give you a lot of various different parameters, their health and even some indication of how much time is left for your hard disk..

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