Three easy ways to connect two computer for file sharing and Internet


One of our readers Rakesh is not able to connect his laptop and a desktop computer for file sharing. We will discuss three easy ways through which you can connect your laptop and your desktop together for file sharing and Internet, or simply how can you connect two computers with each other with three simple and fast methods.



Let’s discuss all the three methods one by one.

First Method: Using a Switch

1. Plug in LAN cables into both computer’s

2. Open Start >> Control panel and double click Network Connections.

3. Now, double click on Network Connection.

4. Click the Properties button and type the IP address “” to one computer and “” to the other computer following the same procedure as specified above, both with the same subnet as ““, leave rest of the fields blank, as shown in the image below, and click OK.


5. Now you need to rename the network names by right clicking on “My computer >> Properties

Click Computer Name tab.

6. Rename workgroup as “home” in both computers.

7. That’s it done, both of the computers will be connected thereafter.

Second Method: Using a LAN crossover cable

What is a Crossover cable?

Its a type of Networking / LAN cable to connect two computers mainly for file sharing available at all computer shops.

1. Connect both of the computers with the cross LAN cable.

2. Open Start >> Control Panel and double click the Network Connection, open LAN connection and click the properties button.

3. Select the option “Obtain the IP address automatically” in both the computers.

4. That’s it done, both of the computers will be connected thereafter.

Third Method: Using a special type of USB cable (USB-USB bridged cable)

Read about how to connect two computers with the third method here.


  1. hey,
    this is the second time i’m writin u 4 da same prob is tht i hav got trojan on my pc. each drive is infected as the trojan transfers itself 2 other drives too. a folder with wierd name like 3g3g3g5j54j6j66lkkl4kh5k is formed, some update file is there in tht folder. when i delete that trojan, it gives the msg of access denied. i’m using mcafee 2008 and it is not detecting that trojan. last day i bought a new hard disk. as soon as i formated that drive on my infected pc, the trojan got transfered there also, a new folder was created with the name ‘system volume information’.cudn’t delete it too. i tried un-locker nd other things tht u mentioned, still i’m not gettin results!!!

  2. Author

    @ Baldeep

    Update your antivirus with latest virus definitions and run a full system scan. And by the way, “System Volume information” is a folder created by Windows only for system restore purpose only. You can not delete it normally as it has system attributes attached to it and the default ownership of the folder lies with the System only. However there is a way to remove it, but it is not recommended to do so.

  3. Hi, What is the procedure agter step 1. To access another computer? or its share folder?

  4. Hi, Does the method of using the switch above to connect 2 computers apply to connecting 2 desktop together?


  5. hey …yes..its applies…
    and installin anti virus doesnt work when the computer is already affected with trojans,so u need to format ur computer…
    if u have any important stuff…then u need to take them into a removable drive..then format ur computer..then …install the antivirus…
    so that…
    the computer would be completely clean

  6. How can i open my office web file on my pc at home
    my office pc connected to net with LAN n i hav also net on pc
    plz help me ………

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