[Tip] Create Your Own All Programs Start Menu in Windows 8 and Pin It To Taskbar

Windows 8 no doubt looks great as compared to older versions of windows we have seen till date, but if you remove start screen or modern UI in windows 8, it looks like just a polished version of windows 7 which has been made to look little different. The most annoying thing in windows 8 as per the user feedback and queries we have got it the start screen and missing windows start menu in windows 8 – we have already written on how to install old start menu in windows 8

But if you are sick of using third party adware programs which adds some thing like start menu in windows 8 but still it does not offer you the full functionality of the start menu, today we will tell you how to access all programs by creating your own start menu in windows 8 and this way you will be able to access all programs installed like you do on start menu in windows 7 and earlier version of windows.


Now if you want to create your own start menu in windows 8 and then later on pin the same to the taskbar, you just need to create a toolbar item by right clicking on the windows 8 taskbar when you are running the desktop mode as shown in the image below.


Now you need navigate to the path C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\ Windows\Start Menu\Programs and then select the programs folder.


Once you select the folder you will see the link to all programs from taskbar.


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