Tip: Search Your Google Search Queries History

It might have happened to you some time when you may recall some search you have did earlier but you may not recall what search term you exactly typed, in such cases you may want to see the search results as per the search query you typed earlier, you may think there is no way to know if you cant find the same in your browser history, but you may get surprised to know this that google allows you to know what did you searched days or months ago if you made that search when you were logged in with your google account.

Locating The Old Google Search Query

Yes, you can simply go to manage google search history, for this you will need to go to the URL mentioned below.


You will be shown with an interface which allows you to see the searches you made on google, you will see the daily and hourly search activity, it does have a month date calendar which allows you to see the search query you typed days and month ago from any computer or machine.

google search history graph

Bonus Tip – Delete Search Query From History

You can also delete a search query from google search history under this interface, you just need to select a search query and then click the button which says remove items.

remove items


This is how you can find out what did you searched on google days or month ago, even when you cant find the same in your browser search history. If the above ways did not worked for you or if you have any related thing you want to ask about google search.

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