Tips To Save Upload Time On YouTube Video And Make Them Better

YouTube is the next Blogspot with more and more penetration of high bandwidth Internet to more and more people, availability of cheap video cameras and convenience of recording good quality videos from inexpensive mobile phones and other portable devices. Sharing videos on YouTube is not only a hobby now, with programs like YouTube partner programs, people earn serious money from their videos. One of the challenges or problems related to video posting on YouTube is the time that it takes to upload a video. The time required to upload a video depends on two major factors – speed and quality of your Internet connection and video file size. In this article, I will share some tips with you to save your time on uploading videos and along with it, some basic tips which will help you improve your videos as well.

Save Time On YouTube Upload

Tips To Save Time On YouTube Videos Upload

Prepare Video Script Before Recording: If you have a script or even some points you have to mention in your videos, it saves you time and reduces stutter in your videos. This helps in making more interesting and shorter time duration videos with more content. The more there are pauses and stutter, the more is video length and it also makes viewers disinterested. Having a scripted video will help reduce overall video time duration and hence the file size which helps in quick uploads and saving of bandwidth.

Shoot In Right Resolution: While it is always good to shoot in high resolution, but it does increase the file size and takes too much time to upload. Depending on the type of video, you can decide what is the optimum resolution you would like for your video to make it a presentable one. Lesser resolutions save on size of video file and hence faster uploads.

Video Resolutions

Edit You Video (if needed): Sometime, when we shoot a video, especially of a performance or any phenomenon, there maybe repetition, like in a motorcycle stunt video, a particular stunt may appear twice or thrice,  it makes good sense to remove repetitions as it will keep the file size low as well as keep the viewers more interested.

Edit Video

Choose Right Video Format: Some cameras produce file formats like .mov with very high file size. Also some video editors produce videos in very high file size. To keep the files optimized for uploading, you can use a free converted tool like Format Factory or any other tool which helps you to change file format and reduce the file size. Converting a file into a format which is low on file size (without loosing quality)  is advisable. Also keep in mind that YouTube allows certain video formats which are recommended. We use AVI which works fine for us in terms of quality and video file size.


Use A Wired Internet Connection: Error rates in a wired Internet connection are relatively less compared to wireless connections and it is recommended to use a wired or optical fiber based broadband connection for an error free and faster upload compared to wireless data cards.


We hope you find the above tips simple and useful. Check out some more Tips and Tricks by Trouble Fixers.

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