Too much noise from desktop casing/cabinet.

Does your computer make lot of noise while running if yes then don’t worry as we (Trouble Fixers) have solution for you.

You can fix it in three easy steps.

Problem: It occurred to me some time back that my desktop casing started vibrating and produced irritating sounds. Some vibrations and humming sound are common in desktops especially which are old in age.

Some probable reasons of this problem are:

  • Worn out casing fan.
  • Worn out SMPS(system main power supply) fan.
  • Some loose wires touching the rotating fans.
  • Noisy disks drives.

Solution: Steps to follow to fix the noise:

Step1: Inspect all the fans closely and replace the noisy fans if any, this will most likely fix the noise trouble.

Step2: Inspect that there are no wires or anything which are touching the rotating fans. (If there are any loose wires, it is advisable to keep them tied with tape or nylon clips.)

Step3: If the noise is coming from a disk-drive, make sure that it is mounted properly on the casing and the screws holding the drive are not loose, if they are loose, tighten them.

Hope you have a silent casing/cabinet after following the above steps if not please leave a comment at the bottom of the post.


  1. You said the first step is to identify the noisy component (which in my case happens to be the cabinet fan). Well, what after that?? ^_^
    You certainly don’t mean the fan has to be replaced! I don’t think they’d sell fans seperately …

  2. @TC

    Yes, if you go to some computer hardware vendor, you can purchase a fan separately. The casing fan is mounted on casing with 4 screws, which can be easily replaced with help of a philip screw driver. Also, there is a corresponding power supply connection for fan, it is either through motherboard or from one of the power ports which is used to feed the disk-drives. It is simple to replace.

  3. I have changed the power supply as I thought my previous one had a noisy fan. However, the noise is still there and it’s even becoming too annoying. Could the problem be the hard drive itself. I am thinking of replacing it, but before spending the money I wanted to get your opinion. I don’t think the tower case is the issue here, also, I have blocked the MB fan trying to isolate the cause of the noise, and the computer was still noisy.

  4. Hi

    When I have my computer on it makes a contstant noise like
    a water bubble Blup Blup Blup. Something similar to an
    aquarium noise or a bubble from a diving tank etc.

    Can you tell me how to remove this noise

    Man thanks

  5. @Liz

    Sound usually comes from moving parts. For example, fans, hard disk drives, CD or DVD drives or floppy drives. Observe closely and replace the faulty part.

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