[How To] Transfer Contacts From Samsung Phone To Apple iPhone

Smartphones wars are not an uncommon phenomenon with different platforms competing neck to neck to offer better and more compelling features and user experience to claim greater market share. Many are switching from feature to smartphones, many are switching platforms on smartphones. One of the most critical part of changing a phone is transferring contacts from one phone to another. If the phone is one same platform, the task is comparatively simple, but for cross-platform, it maybe a little tricky. We have already covered two important scenarios here- Transfer Contacts From Nokia Phone To Apple iPhone and Transfer Contacts Between iPhone And Android. On our question answer portal, one of our readers asked a very specific scenario:

How to transfer contacts from my Samsung phone to iPhone?

In this article, I will talk about the same and ways to do it with minimal trouble for the case of an Android or non-Android Samsung smartphone.

Transfer contcats between Android and iPhone

For Non-Android / Java Based Samsung Phones

For non-android phones like bada and java platforms, there are some specific desktop client softwares like Kies from Samsung which is used to synchronize contacts with PC. If you have MC office installed on your computer, I suggest you to sync the contacts to outlook by selecting the contact sync option in Kies. If you don’t have MS Office installed, try to export all contacts in CSV file format.

Case 1: Contact Synced with Outlook

Install iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer. On iTunes software, select the option to sync contacts with iTunes (instruction here). If it asks to replace or merge, select the merge option and sync the iPhone, your contacts will be transferred to iPhone.

Case 2: Contacts Exported to CSV File

In case you have exported the contacts to a CSV file, then you can simply login to your Gmail account and in contacts, import these contacts to the Gmail / Google account using the contact import feature using the exported file. Once your contacts are synced with your Gmail/Google account, you can simply setup your iPhone to sync contacts with Google using instructions here.

For Android Based Samsung Smartphones

Easiest way to do this is to follow this tutorial. However, you can also do it by first exporting all your Gmail contacts to a CSV file, then importing that file to your Outlook and then syncing your iPhone with outlook for contacts.

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