[How To] Trim A Video On YouTube Without Using Video Editing Software

YouTube is a great platform for sharing videos across the Internet with your friends, family or even publicly. If you have a video shot with your phone or camera and you need to trim the ends of a video to set a different start time or end time of a video, but you don’t have any software or tools to edit such videos on your phone or tablet or computer, this small tip I am sharing with you will come in very handy.

Before I start explaining anything, if you don’t have a YouTube account yet, you can simply sign in using you Google or Gmail account to YouTube and start sharing your videos online by uploading to YouTube. You can also download you own uploaded videos at any later time if you somehow loose it on your computer or phone, as these videos are saved on your YouTube account.


How To Trim Videos On YouTube

Before we start, I must clarify that you can only trim the videos which you have uploaded in your YouTube account and not the videos by other individuals or channels. And we assume that you have already uploaded the video which you need to trim. Now simply follow the below steps to trim the video.

Step 1: After you login, click on the small arrow in top right with your username on it and click on Video manager.

Trim Vdieos On YouTube (1)

Step 2: Locate the video on the video manager which you would like to trim and click on the small edit button below the video thumbnail on the video manager screen.

Trim Vdieos On YouTube (2)

Step 3: On Edit screen, click on Enhancements tab.

Trim Vdieos On YouTube (3)

Steps 4: On Enhancements screen, you will see s small trim button below the video on the left bottom side, click on it.

Trim Vdieos On YouTube (4)

Step 5: Here you will see two small sliders from each side of the video when you click on the trim option. Drag them to the desired start and end position and the video portion highlighted in the blue will become the final video. When you are done selecting, click on Done button to trim.

Trim Vdieos On YouTube (5)

Step 6: After you click Done, you will see the trimmed video, you can watch to review it and click on Save button to save the changes or you can also revert to the original video if you have made some mistake in trimming and you can follow the above steps again.

Trim Vdieos On YouTube (6)

Hope you find this small tip useful, do share it with your friends. Also read some more YouTube tips by Trouble Fixers.

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