[Troubleshoot] Windows Activation Not Working In Windows 8

Windows 8 is the new kid around the corner and with some hesitation, many Windows 7 users are finally gathering the courage to upgrade to the Windows 8 and accept the new Windows 8 Metro UI Interface. We have shared many tips and troubleshooting guides on Windows 8 in our previous articles. But in this article, I share with you one of the basic issues which many users face while they upgrade from the previous version of Windows to Windows 8 OS. Some of our users have reported to us problems related to activation of Windows 8 OS, so we will share some common problems which prevent normal activation of windows 8 and their solutions as well.

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Windows 8 Activation Error Code 0xC004F061

This error is a commonly faced error which is faced when you purchase the upgrade version of Windows 8 but are doing a clean install. The upgrade version is usually a discounted version as you are already using some version of Windows and upgrading to the new version of their OS. When you are doing a clean install and the installer detects no older valid version of Windows OS, then it does not activate and you receive this error. In such case, we recommend that you contact the Microsoft support on phone on your country’s support number.

Windows 8 License-Version Type Mismatch

This is also very common error especially when you purchase Windows OS from some vendor or from some source who mistakenly gave you the installer of a type of license and license key of some other type. In such case, its best to ensure that you have correct type of installer. You should get in touch with the seller who sold you the Windows 8 OS.

Multiple Activation Error

If you have installed Windows 8 on one computer and try to install the same on another PC, it may not work as in most cases, the licenses are single use license. In case you are installing Windows after a hardware crash on your PC, you can call the Microsoft support to help you with activation.

Pirated or Counterfeit Windows

Sometimes the computer vendors, especially who assemble desktop computers from components, tend to give the buyers a pirated or counterfeit copy for free which is illegal. If someone has given you such copy of Windows 8, it is advisable that you don’t use it and purchase a valid license.

Hope you find this information useful.

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