[Troubleshooting] Can Not Defrag Hard Disk- Disk Check Option Shows Up

One of our readers submitted a query where he asks a question related to problem with de-fragmentation of the hard disk. The problem as described by the user is as below:

I can’t do a disk defrag without chkdsk showing  up?

In this article, we will discuss the possible cause and suggesting action one should follow when such problems start.

Hard Disk

Firsts Things First – Backup Important Data

The biggest loss on most computer failures is usually not the cost of hardware, but the data which is usually lost when a computer fails. When you are getting a chkdsk (check disk) suggestion, this is a clear indication there is something wrong with the disk. The error maybe repairable with a software, but its always advisable to backup your important data from the hard disk at the earliest either to some external storage (Pen drive, USB HDD or DVD) or to a cloud storage (like dropbox or skydrive or google drive). Check the following sections for further steps.

Try To Repair Errors

Since you get a check disk error when you try to defragment the disk, it means that there are some error which need to be resolved before you can do a defrag. After you have backed up your data, we suggest you to go with the default check disk option of Windows. You can also try some additional tools or free software for the same if you don’t prefer Windows disk check. But for most users, Windows in-built disk check will fix most of the problems if it is not a serious hardware fault. You can run disk health check too with some of tool like Check Disk or Drive Check. Be patient with it as it takes

Defrag After Disk Errors Are Fixed

After the disk errors are fixed, you can easily defrag the disk using the default in-built defragmentation tool of Windows or any external software as you wish to use.

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