[Troubleshooting] Laptop Beeps On Startup, What To Do?

One of our readers sent us a query related to his laptop. In his problem description, he mentions:

I am having laptop, for more than 5 yrs. Nowadays, when i start my laptop, a beep sounds starts continuously. I need to press some keys multiple times like CTRL + Enter key, in order to stop that beep sounds. Please help me in solving the issue. And even let me know, if you have any query on my laptop problem.

Lets look at some of the common reasons why such beeps or sound comes from a laptop:

RAM Error:

This problem typically arrives when you replace the RAM or RAM goes bad. When you put a new RAM module on the PC, it may fit loose or may not be properly compatible RAM because of different memory specifications. If you have added new module, remove the new module and re-start the computer. This way you can identify if this is related to RAM troubles. In case the RAM has gone bad (happens with some old computers), you need to replace the RAM.

Motherboard Problem:

Multiple beeps in a row or a pattern are an indication of some problem related to motherboard related power on self test failure. You should check which BIOS is installed and then look for the error codes of that BIOS with the number of beeps which you hear when you start the computer.

Processor Problem:

Many times, the processor itself may go bad because of over-heating or bad thermal components. In such case, you will hear multiple beeps at startup. For such case, you should take it to a service center or a trained computer technician.

Other Errors:

There can be many other miscellaneous errors like battery failure error, charger voltage error, display error, expansion slot error etc. Refer to the BIOS error code for the BIOS installed on your computer for details. It will help you diagnose and check what is causing the error.


  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am the one who posted this query. Following is my comment:

    1) There is no replacement of RAM done by me for laptop.
    2) Related to motherboard, I checked BIOS version no : A05. And system date is current date & time. There is a option of Setup Default to set default values. And also beep sound is continous. Do you recommended to do so?3) For processor, as you said need to check with hardware team.

    Thus suggest me some solution based on my reply. And please let me know, if you have any other query on it. Thanks for support & waiting for feedback.

  2. I had the same problem, turned out to be my Bios battery went dead..really really frustrating.. for a $5.00 part…ahhh.

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