[Troubleshooting] USB Mass Storage Access Denied Problem

One of our readers asked us a problem related to USB Drive access issue. The problem as described by the readers is as follows:

When i am install mass storage device they give error access denied ?

What I can understand from the problem is that the user is not able to use USB pen drive on his computer and is trying to fix the same by installing the USB mass storage device drivers to enable USB drive on the computer.

New mass storage driver

But the user is not able to install the drivers on his PC because of Access problems or in simpler words, permissions to install such drivers are being denied. Now there can be multiple reasons behind it, we have listed the possible causes and its solutions below:

Administrator Access Problem

Not all the user accounts on the PC have administrator access, so I would recommend to check if your account has Admin access or not, if not, you may need to get this access or login using Admin account to install the drivers.

Not Running Program As Administrator

At times, even when an account has the Admin access, it fails to run programs in Admin modes because of the settings. Right click on the installer and select “Run as administrator” to start the installation in admin mode.

Driver Permissions Problem Because of Virus Infection

Many a times, computers infected with virus deny access to many system folders and system drives. In such case, it is recommended to run a full virus scan on your drives and remove any virus infection.

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