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Today’s life has become so busy that every minute of our life turn up to be very crucial. Whether it may be a student, a business person or anyone, they need to work strictly according to the schedule. So, the timer and alarm clock are very important things to act as a reminder of the dead line of the current work or the time to switch to another task. It has become very important to manage the work very efficiently. So, today I would like to review the tool called as PC Alarm Clock EX. It serves two purposes of alarm and clock on your system.

PC Alarm Clock EX is a very small freeware of 579 KB only. It is a portable utility. It is a digital clock with an alarm clock. The snapshot below presents you the freeware.


The clock is based on 24 hours format. One of the very good things about the digital clock is that it is updated according to the time of your system and not through internet and standard time. So, it will be easy for you to synchronize the clock with your schedule according to you.

The alarm clock is very simple and fast to use. You just have to select the hour and minute from the drop down list. And click on activate to start the alarm clock. There are two types of sound formats that can be set:

The standard alarm will be ringing with a sweet sound for the exact 3 seconds. On the other hand, you can also select the MP3 alarm. Further, you can select any song. These options not only makes the alarm helpful but also the tool will not be annoying as the mechanical alarms.

The current status of the tool will be shown in the top right corner of the tool i.e. whether it is active or not. And remember, after the alarm has buzzed once, you need to deactivate it. Then only you can activate it for the next time. This can also be seen that just setting the time will not change to active status of the alarm.

Now, you can also get rid of the disturbance by the cell phones. Set the alarm within the system, so that you can start with the next task as soon as it rings.

The utility has been designed to be compatible with Windows 7/ 2000/ XP/ Vista.

Download PC Alarm Clock EX

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