Unsubscribe Updates and Cancel Friend Request On Facebook

Facebook is no doubt great social networking tool, almost every one in my friend circle use facebook and they spend a lot of time on facebook on a daily basis, but there are some things you should know about facebook friend request which you should know if you use facebook and connect to others by sending friend request.

Truth About Facebook Friend Request

One thing you should know, that is when ever you send a friend request to some one on facebook you are automatically subscribed to the facebook updates from that person and you will then see the updates from that person on your facebook news feed – irrespective whenever he or she accepts the friend request from you.

Cancel Friend Request on Facebook

Another fact you should know is that, when ever you cancel the friend request for a person on facebook you don’t unsubscribe from the person facebook updates in your facebook timeline, they will still appear on your facebook news feed.

cancel friend request

Unsubscribe From Facebook Updates

In order to unsubscribe from facebook updates you will need to visit the facebook profile and then select unsubscribe.



This is how you can unsubscribe and cancel friend request on facebook, there are some things which facebook wont tell you but it makes sense for people to disconnect sometimes if they don’t match in ideas and opinions.


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