Update Windows 7 PC Offline By Downloading Windows Updates To Another Computer

You can update your Windows 7 PC which is connected to Internet by going to Control Panel > Windows Update. But in case you have a Windows 7 Computer without internet access and you want to update it you may face difficulties. Also if you have more than one Windows 7 PC and you want to download the Windows Updates only once and using it to update your all Windows 7 Desktop / Laptop PC.

Update Windows 7 Computer Offline

In this article I will share two tools which allow you to download Windows Updates on a PC which is connected to the Internet and save those updates and re-use these updates to Install on the Windows 7 desktop / laptop computers which are not connected to Internet or otherwise.

We have already reviewed similar tools to Save and Re-Use Downloaded Windows Update Files but they are not Windows 7 Compatible. In this article I will review two tools which support Windows 7 32bit and 68 bit versions.

Download Windows 7 Updates With AutoPatcher 1.3 Onwards



AutoPatcher is a very renowned and long existing tool, its 1.3 version onwards are Windows 7 Compatible. The AutoPatcher tool is very Simple to use and is very effective. When you run it for the first time, it will show you the available updates to Install and will then download these updates to your computer which is connected to Internet. You can use these updates to Install Windows 7 Updates on computers which are not connected to the Internet or other Windows 7 Computers.

To start with, download the AutoPatcher Installer, extract the downloaded file and run the downloader file named – apup.exe , this file will download the required components. You can also download AutoPatcher User guide if you need any detailed description.


I have tested it on my Windows 7 Desktop PC and it works like a charm without any hassles. It downloads the updates and will show you the progress of the updates while downloading.


After the download is completed, you need to go back to the same folder where you stared apup.exe, there you will find a file called autopatcher.exe, run this file and it will install the AutoPatcher 1.3 update install engine on your computer.

You can copy the entire apup folder to any computer and run the autopatcher.exe on the PC on which you want to install updates offline.


Downloading updates on one PC connected to Internet and then installing on all the Windows 7 PCs that you have will save a lots of download and time. You can copy these downloaded updates in a pen drive, on LAN or on a DVD and use them on all the Windows 7 PCs you have.


Download Windows 7 Updates Using WSUS Offline Update Tool



The WSUS Offline Update tool is another very simple tool to download offline updates for Windows 7. Apart from Windows 7 32bit and 64 bit version, you can also download updates for Windows XP 32bit and 64 bit, Windows Server 2003 32 bit and 64 bit, Windows Vista 32bit and 64 bit editions.


It also allows you to download offline updates for Microsoft Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007 in multiple languages.


It allows you to directly copy the updates to a USB pen drive using which you can Install it on multiple computers without any problem.

Download WSUS Offline Update Generator


  1. I need to download updates for an unnconnected PC (Windows 7 Ultimate Dual install 64-bit & 32bit) using a connected PC (Windows XP 32-bit).

    Can I do this hear?

  2. i have done this whole process on my toshiba L655 laptop.But after installing updates System rating didn’t came and instead of TOSHIBA logo,a DELL logo has come..can some one resolve this problem..pleez

  3. Hi.i wanted to know that from where and how can i copy my windows 7 ultimate updates. so that i could paste them after reinstalling windows ? plz help me.

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