Upload Multiple Photos As Video on Youtube Website

As most of us love youtube and its simplicity because of sharing a video or uploading one is so easy, there are times when you may want to upload photos on youtube rather than videos. But by default youtube does not allow you to upload a photo but if you have multiple photos, you can easily create a photo slideshow using the youtube website without using any third party program for the same.

For this you just need to login with the youtube account under which you would like to upload the photos, and then go to the upload option which will redirect you to the youtube upload page where you will see the option to create a slideshow of the photos you want to upload.


Once you select the option for photo slideshow, it will ask you to select a uploaded picasa photo album or you can upload multiple photos using the upload option.


Now you can press ctrl and click to select the photos you want to upload as video


Now you can rearrange the photos or you can also add more photos


Once you click next it will ask you to select a music track which will be added to the photo slideshow in the video.


Once you are done with all, you simply need to click the upload button and then the video will start uploading.


One example video I uploaded using the photos from a picasa web album is embedded below. Similarly you can do the same.


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