[Fix] USB Flash Pen Drive Working Too Slow

Taking up some more questions from our question answers portal, we received a very commonly faced problem from one of our readers who says:

“My USB 2 flash drive is working very slowly, while copying the 600 MB files it take 81 minutes for copying to C drive.”

Lets look at some common reasons behind slow pen drive data transfer rate and try to find out where the problem is, then we can identify and resolve the issue.

Pen Drive Works Slow On All Computers

If your USB pen drive or Flash drive works very slow on all the computers, in that case there is nothing you can do to improve the speed of the drive as it is a clear indication that your pen drive is slow and does not support USB 2.0 or higher speeds.

Pen Drive Works Slow On One Particular Computer

Many old computers don’t have USB 2.0 and 3.0 hardware support and they have inherently slow USB ports. On such computer, you can install an external USB cars in case of a desktop computer. In case of laptop, there is nothing much you can do to solve the speed issue of pen drive.

Pen Drive Works Slow On Particular USB Port

Due to some hardware fault or sometimes by design, many computers have few high speed USB posts while some are slow speed. In such case, you will need to follow a hit and trial and identify the ports which are slow and which ones are fast. On the slow ports, you can connect devices like Keyboard, Mouse and other devices which don’t require very high speed transfers while keep the fast ones free for flash drives and USB pen drives.

USB Hub Maybe The Culprit

Many users don’t know that using a USB-hub or multiplier which converts one USB port into multiple ports may cause data transfer speeds to fall. In case you are using a USB Hub, try to use the pen drive directly to the computer’s USB port.

Bonus Tip: Whenever you purchase a USB flash pen-drive, make sure you buy a genuine one from a reliable source and get a high speed one if you can afford as it will pay you off the extra money you spend by saving on transfer time.


  1. How to know which USB ports are high speed and which are the old slow speed?
    I know there are both the original USB in my computer and the faster 2.0 which have been added later, but the USB ports are not labelled as to their speed, they all look identical. Looking at the Device Manager in Windows shows only that they are USB ports, but doesn’t give indication anywhere of their speed. How can I find out the speed of the ports, and why don’t the manufacturers put a simple label on them so we will know without all this bother ?

  2. my portable hard disk is not working please tell me the remedies to get back my important data

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