Use iPhone As USB WiFi Internet Adaptor or Card For Desktop Computer

With unreliable ISP like MTNL in Delhi, I have to face Internet downtimes of as long as one week. In such downtimes, we have a backup Wireless USB data cars which we share using the WiFi hotspots set up using tools like Connectify. To share Wireless internet using WiFi Hotspot, I need a Wireless Adaptor on my computer, which is built in standard on most laptops. Since I use a desktop computer and I don’t have a built in WiFi card, I have two choices- either purchase a WiFi Internet Adaptor on my computer, or use some other way to get the WiFi Connectivity to my computer. Since I have a Jailbroken iPhone which can connect to both the WiFi and my PC via Data Cable, I decided to choose the other way. Here is how I use my iPhone as USB WiFi Data Card.


Step By Step Guide To Use iPhone As USB WiFi Adaptor For Desktop Computer

Step1: You need to have a Jailbroken iPhone. Go to Cydia and install MyWi which you can get for a free trial. Also you can purchase the full version for $19.99

iphone-usb-wifi-adaptor (2)

Step 2: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi Networks and join the WiFi network you want to use on your desktop computer. Once you get the Wi-Fi running on the iPhone, its half done.


Step3: Launch the MyWi app on your iPhone, you will see the home screen of the app. Click on the USB cable icon. On next screen, turn on the “MyWi USB”. After this, click the Advanced USB tab just below it.

iphone-usb-wifi-adaptor (3)

iphone-usb-wifi-adaptor (4)

Step 4: On Advance USB Screen, clik on Bridged To option, and select WiFi from the list. This is it, its done.

iphone-usb-wifi-adaptor (5)

iphone-usb-wifi-adaptor (6)

Now simply connect the iPhone to your computer, which has iTunes installed on it. The computer will detect your iPhone as well as a wired network adaptor which will provide you with Internet connection on your PC. I have written and published this post using the Internet connection through this arrangement only as the good old and unreliable ISP internet id down right now.

Although you can buy a dedicated USB wireless data card for about $20, whish is almost same price as this app, but to justify it, this app does a lot more than making your iPhone an Wireless USB card, like Wifi Tethering, 3G tethering, Bluetooth Networking etc.

Hope you find this tutorial easy to follow. If you have any suggestion or comments, please share using your comments below.


  1. I cant install it now coz of the problem i had earlier and have reinstalled cydia now and i cannot install some apps from the cydia nomore

  2. I did it like in the instructions but when I connect my iPod to my PC my PC is recognizing my iPod Touch 2G but no Internet adaptor maybe it’s because of PdaNet…pls help me
    Windows XP Home Edition SP2 32 Bit

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