Video Clips Don’t Load Properly In Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live movie maker is one of the simplest and easy to use Video editing tools I have used and is used by many Windows users because of one simple reason, which is that it comes free in Windows. There are very few free video editing tools which are so easy to use. Since video editing is quite a resource intensive task which takes considerable computing power for long videos or high definition videos, you may find certain problems using Windows Live Movie maker especially on not so powerful computers. One of the most common problems which I have seen on Windows Live movie maker is the problem of videos thumbnail not opening properly or they are replaced with yellow exclamation marks or warning symbols. In this article, I will share some of the possible reason behind this problem and their solutions.

Windows Thumbnails dont load in windows movie maker

Source file location changed: In may cases, when you are working on a wlmp project file for some time and by mistake you move the location of the project file or video files between Windows sessions, your video clips will not load in the project. To solve this problem, its recommended to place the audio and video files in the folders where they were placed when you added them to the project.

Disk space related problems: If you are running too low on free space on disk, it may cause problems with creating internal software temporary files for movie maker which may result in several errors including the videos showing a bad.

Performance Problems: Sometimes the problem maybe related to slow or insufficient processing power of the computer. In such cases, the program responds slow and files may go bad even during editing. In such cases, when some audio or video file is show in bad, it is recommended that you save the project, close the Windows Movie maker and restart it. After restart, open the save project file. During editing, please close other programs which might consume high amount of CPU or RAM on the computer.

We hope you find the above solutions useful. If you have any suggestions, please share in the comments section below. Check out some more Troubleshooting Tips by Trouble Fixers.

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