View Current Status Of Processes, Services Using Windows Service Monitor

Sometimes we have to monitor some of the services on our system constantly so that the task we are going to perform gets completed without any glitches. Normally we don’t have to monitor the services of the system so closely. System Administrators are the ones who need to monitor the services of the system closely which in turn is linked to the successful completion of various tasks which depend on whether these services are running correctly or not. Today I have got a tool for you named Windows Service Monitor which will help you to monitor the various services in your system and the tool will also help you to start and stop the services frequently.

In Window’s Task Manager can be used to monitor the services but it will show you all the services and it sometimes gets difficult if you need to monitor some services very closely, as you will have to search them frequently in the list. The application provides us a better control over the services that we need to monitor closely. Sometimes there are some services in your system that you need to monitor which starts and stop very frequently and the state of the services defines the outcome of the task running, in such a case this application can be very helpful to you as it will show you the state of the process constantly.

WindowsServiceMonitor 1

After you successfully download and install the application in your system the application icon will be created in the system tray and it will be constantly monitor the service of your system that you select. This is the window which will first open when you will right click on the application’s icon in the system tray and select the Configuration Option. Now the above window will allow you to choose the various services that you want to monitor. Once you select the various services that you want to monitor click on the arrow pointing towards the right side sub window Monitored Services. The services that you move to the Monitored services window will be constantly available so that you can monitor their state. If you don’t want to monitor a service which you earlier choose to monitor then you can remove the service by selecting the service in the Monitored Services window and then press the arrow pointing to the left. Doing this will remove the service from the Monitored service window.

WindowsServiceMonitor 2

After you have selected the services to monitor you just need to right click on the icon of the application  a menu will open which will have a list of all services that you added to monitor. The color of the application’s icon in the system tray will be Green if all the services are running, it will become Yellow if some of the services are stopped and it will become Grey if all the services are stopped. You can start and stop a service added in the application just by clicking its Name in the menu that pops up when you right click on the application’s icon in the system tray as show in the above image.

Download Windows Service Monitor.

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