View Files Using Lows Level NTFS Tables

Now-a-days, we do many partitions of our drives for better utilization of memory. But this partition is kept hidden for the sake of simplicity of interface. But there are situations when we need to see this partition in the drives. For example, for browsing deleted files and restore them using tools like NTFS Undelete.

For this, there is a freeware called NTFSWalker which is used for viewing the files by walking through the NTFS partitions on any media readable by computer including hard disks, memory cards, USB flash drives and floppy disks.

This tool has its own drivers for reading NTFS partitions. It will take you through the low-level structure of the file system bypassing the Windows file system drivers. You can view all the records in the MFT table including deleted files and also the detailed attribute for each file.

This tool is downloaded in the zip file so, the application has to be first extracted and then installed in the system. After installation when run on the system, the main window of the application will appear simple with few options on it. It will first ask you to choose any of the disc of which you want to see the files. For example, i want to view all my deleted files in the C drive so that i can restore them. For this i will select C drive from the list and click ‘Next’.


Now, it will open the list of files with all the detailed information of each file. The files with a red cross are the deleted files. For example, i have chosen the ‘soccer.png’ file then, its File information,preview and even the Hex data will appear on the right side of the window whereas its size, date of creation, last modification and attributes will be available on the left side of the window.


This tool also provides the option of scanning disk images in the ‘advanced’ tab.


Remember, this tool is only for viewing the minute details of the files and does not provide any options of making changes in the files.

It may be very useful for students of computer science (or professors) who are learning about (or teaching) file systems.

Download NTFSWalker

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