View, Open Blocked, Restricted Files In Received Mails In Outlook

Most of us like to use Microsoft Outlook for getting our mails on our desktop for official or personal use. But, from Microsoft office 2000 onwards, outlook does not allow us to open some attachment types (exe, url, reg and more) due to safety reasons. These attachments are considered to be potentially dangerous as they may contain viruses or can damage the system. Outlook does not allow any of these dangerous attachments to be opened or saved on the hard disk.

In fact, these are deleted while attempting to forward the message. Therefore, it is not possible to read such an attachment in Outlook. But sometimes, we have to mail these kind of files importantly so, it creates a problem and sometimes a big loss due to this.

In solution to this, there is a freeware called CodeTwo Attach Unblocker which will enable you to read all previously blocked attachments.

CodeTwo Attach Unblocker is a smart tool that allows fast and convenient configuration of Microsoft Outlook to unblock attachments blocked by Outlook by default. It is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 / 98 and works comfortably with windows 7, vista, 2003, xp and 2000.

After installation, it directly setup in the Microsoft Outlook and pop up with this window when we open the outlook. You can avoid this window every time you open outlook by just marking the option present at the bottom of the window.


For defining the attachment types that should not be blocked, you should go in the ‘tools’ option present in the toolbar, where you have to select the option of ‘options’ which will open a new window where you should open the tab of ‘CodeTwo Attach Unblocker’. Here, you can add the type of attachments which you do not want outlook to block. You just have to write the attachment type (lets say, .exe) and click ‘add’ and it will be added in the list. You can also add more than one type of attachment in one edit field by separating the types with a semicolon. The types are not case sensitive.


For enabling the changes, you have to restart the outlook and from now on, it will never block that type of attachment. So, it is a smart tool which will make your work less troublesome when handling with special type of attachments.

Download CodeTwo Attach Unblocker

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