View or Delete Windows 7 System Restore Points

Today I have got a tool for you named System Restore Explorer which will help you to view, browse and delete the restore points that have been made in your system. This process of deleting the unwanted restore point can help you to clear the hard disk for some space. As you know that system restore is the way to rollback your system, registry and the application to a particular state which can be set by you or the system. The system restore point can be created and restore very easily in a very simple manner using the system restore feature available in windows. The system restore is a very good feature but it will not allow you to modify the restore point, it will restore your system to the exact same state in which it was stored. This means that even the things that you don’t want will be restored.

This application will allow you to browse all the  restore points that you have created on your system. The application will allow you to mount every restore point to a folder. This feature of mounting the restore point to the folder will give you the access to all the files so that you can alter as per your needs. You can modify the restore in your way so that only the things you want will be stored and the ones that you don’t want to be restored will be left as it is. The application is tested to work correctly on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows restore explorer

This is the first window which will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The window will show you all the restore points which are available so that the system can be restored.

Windows restore explorer 2

Once you select a restore point that you want to restore to, you have to right-click on that restore point a pop up menu will open with three options Mount, Unmount and Delete. You have to Select Mount option.

Windows restore explorer 3

The above window will open when you will select the Mount option in the previous pop up menu on the selection of the restore menu. The Mount option will open the Restore point files in the Windows explorer so that you can easily browse and add and remove files from it so that the restore point will get modified correctly.

Download System Restore Explorer.

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