[Fixed] Windows 7 Crashes With Blue Screen Of Death Error Code 0x0000007F After Installing SP1

Windows is one of the most used operating system when it comes to computers and laptops, but it has its own share of problems which are linked to it. Normally Windows 7 is quite stable and does not pose much of crashing problems when compared to previous versions of Windows. But there are factors beyond the control of Microsoft which are most of the times responsible for such crashes or BSOD or Blue screen of death which halts the Windows OS.

One such problem being reported by some of readers is that their Windows 7 PC crashes with BOSD and error code 0x0000007F after installing Windows 7 service pack 1. On some search and investigation online, we found out that this problem comes with computers running some particular Anti-Virus software while the SP1 is being installed. The Anti-Virus may interrupt or cause hindrance in the proper installation of the SP1 and this may lead to the situation.


Solution: The solution involves uninstallation of the SP1 and reinstalling the same when the Anti-Virus is turned off. To uninstall the SP1 , you can follow one of the two methods below.

Method 1: Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, Locate the “Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB 976932)” update and click on uninstall.

Method 2: Run command prompt as administrator and type the below command in the command prompt and press enter:

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:976932

After the service pack is completely uninstalled, restart the computer and turn-off the anti-virus or real time protection feature. After the Anti-Virus real time protection is off, install the SP1 again. Restart the computer and turn on the Anti-Virus before using the computer again.

The above method should fix the problem of Blue Screen of Death with the error code 0x0000007F. We hope you find the above tutorial simple and easy to follow.

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