[Solved] Forgot Windows 8 Login Password? Yes It Can Be Recovered or Reset To Blank Password

Windows 8 is one the best OS version from Microsoft, we have been using windows 8 consumer preview for more than 2 months now. Windows 8 consumer preview has been made public some time back, since that time we have been using windows 8 as our primary OS for doing everything on PC it seems and feels much faster, easier to use and with the new smart metro UI and apps lot more things are much simple because of the sleek interface of the windows 8 start screen metro UI apps.

Forgot Windows 8 Login Password

We have already written several windows 8 tips, you can read our Windows 8 Tutorials and Tips. Today we will tell you what you should do when you Forgot windows 8 password? Yes, there many ways with which you can login to windows 8 even when you forgot windows 8 login password. Windows 8 by default have two type of account, first is local account which stores the login on PC and other is Windows live or hotmail account which is connected to the online hotmail or live email id in which the password for windows and email id remains the same.

Login In Windows 8 With Default Windows 8 Administrator Account

Each version of windows since windows xp has a default windows administrator account which allows you to login in windows with a blank password. But this account is disabled in normal mode, so you will need to first boot windows 8 in safe more, you can read HowToGeek guide here on how to boot in windows 8 safe mode.

How To Reset Windows 8 Forgotten Password

Once you are in safe more you will see the default windows admin account enabled to login with a blank password and then you under users in control panel, you can remove the your user account password which you have forgotten.

Do You Use Hotmail Live Id To Login To Windows 8?

Firstly Identify the type of account you use to login to windows 8, if you use the hotmail email id or live account for windows 8, go to hotmail.com log in and reset your email id password from there and try the new password to login once the password is reset, this may help to login to windows 8 but make sure that your computer is connected to internet when you do this.

Do You Have Enabled Multiple Ways To Login To Windows 8

As you may already know that windows 8 allows you to login with three different ways and you have mouse gesture password for windows 8 and you can also create a 4 digit windows 8 pin which you can use for quick login in windows 8. If you have already enabled any of these features then you can login to windows 8 even if you don’t remember the actual windows 8 password, but provided these features are already enabled.

What To I have Already Tried Above Methods But None Worked For Me?

Don’t worry if none of the above method worked for you and you haven’t been able to login to windows 8 then you can try the old password reset recovery tools designed for windows 7, most of these tools are now updated to support windows 8 as well, you can read our guide on how to download and use these tools here and here.

Software’s To Reset Windows 8 Password

One of the tool which is confirmed to replace your windows 8 password with blank so that you can login without entering password in windows 8, its PCWin Recovery

windows 8 pc password recovery

PCWin Recovery resets ANY Windows password.  It can reset domain passwords too. It removes all logon restrictions, so that you can logon to your computer.  Windows accounts can be locked, disabled, or may have reached a failed logon attempt threshold. PCWin Recovery removes all Windows logon restrictions that prevent you from logging on to your computer. Some other tools like the one above are Windows Password Killer [ 30 Day Trail Lite Version ] and Windows Password Rescuer [ 30 Day Trail Personal Edition ]. All The Best!!!


  1. Hello

    I needed to reset my windows 8 password. I went to a link and be because of moving from own page to another and predictive and passwords I still am unable to own my widows 8. Couldn’t they just send. Sandra me a new password? Sandra Bartman

  2. The Software mentioned have free versions which donot help in resetting passwords. I have tried all the softwares mentioned and they DONOT reset password without a 30$ Purchase.

  3. Let me start this by saying I’m a veteran technician & MCP with nearly 20 years of experience in the computer profession. I’ve seen the changes of operating systems & computers over the years dating clear back to the early days of DOS & Windows 3.1 so I’m not going to fire these opinions from a point of ignorance. Now…to unleash the verbal lynch mob.

    This page starts out stating “Windows 8 is one the best OS version from Microsoft”. Are you serious Mr. Bhatnagar??? Newest does NOT mean best! The only thing GOOD about Windows 8 is it will probably have a short life. I cannot imagine corporations adopting this Mickey Mouse…wait that’s an insult to Mickey….this infantile…wait, that’s an insult to infants….let’s just say TOTAL PIECE OF SH*T! There…that’s more accurate! There is NOTHING about this OS that is an improvement nor betterment to Windows 7. It runs slower, takes up more memory & is about as user friendly as box of angry hornets. Servicing Windows 8 I see the “swirling mouse icon” more in 15 minutes of operation than I’ve seen in 2 years of Windows 7. EVERY SINGLE MOUSE-CLICK has at a half-second delay before opening & then the spinning mouse icon. Which of these things did you use in your criteria to rate it as “best”? These experiences are not just on select computers, this is on every one I’ve sat in front of. Further more, doing away with the start button & moving or hiding all of the important management features is absurd! Why is it Microsoft thinks they have to make things so completely different that they’re frustrating nearly unusable? You don’t see Apple doing this! You don’t see the Unix community doing this. Why? BECAUSE IT MAKES NO SENSE TO MAKE YOUR USERS FEEL LIKE CHUCK THE CHIMPANZEE WITH A CHEMISTRY BOOK!!

    Windows 7 64-bit IS and I repeat LOUDLY [IS] the best operating system Microsoft EVER developed & it will be nearly impossible to top it….certainly not with this recent mocked up mess. To give you an idea of how bad Win 8 is, I have no less than 4 calls each week wanting to buy Windows 7 to replace 8. Burn Windows 8 at the steak…starting a fire is truly the “best” use for it.

  4. well Andy for a 20 year IT veteran you sure are close minded. Whether or not Win8 is the BEST OS from Microsoft to date is subjective, but it is far from being as bad as you make it out to be. as a matter of fact, from a fellow technician i have to ask you, have you even learned the shortcut keys for W8? they make your life easier and eliminates at least half of the common complaints about the OS.

    As for your comment about corporations adopting it.. well, most serious corporations will probably use an enterprise OS instead. win8 is aimed at consumer level. so yeah, i can see how you might view it as being mickey mouse.

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