Windows Desktop Showing Time, Date Of Different Countries Time Zones With Multiple Clocks

There are times when you may need to track time over two very far geographical region, it might be for your work requirement or you may have some relative, friends or family in other part of he world so you have different time zones. One of our readers named Varun seem to have this kind of requirement where in he needs to have some way or multiple clocks running and showing different times from his and his friend country, as both of the countries have different time zones so he needs multiple desktop clocks which shows him the time from both location in AM, PM and with date as well if possible.

Windows Desktop Showing Time Of Different Countries Time Zones With Multiple Clocks Time

After some searching I found out many web services and desktop programs which can solve this problem for one who needs it, we are covering them one by one and once you go through our content you can find which one is best for you and which one is not.

Multiple Clocks Shown In Taskbar

Windows clock shown in the right bottom of the screen is capable to show times from different times zones or countries, but there can be maximum two clocks you can show at a time in windows taskbar, even in windows 8 as well you can only show two clocks which will tell you time and date. You can read our guide here on how to show multiple clocks with date and time in taskbar.

Windows Desktop Showing Time Of Different Countries Time Zones With Multiple Clocks

Please Note: You will need to click on the date and time section on the taskbar every time to see these multiple clocks.

Multiple Clocks On Windows Desktop Showing Different Times

Another way to do this, is through windows sidebar gadgets which comes preinstalled in windows 7 or windows 8, you just need to add a clock or drag the clock gadget to windows desktop and configure it with a different time zone. To enable these, you need to navigate to Start | All Programs | Accessories and clicking on Windows Sidebar in Vista and In windows 7 or windows 8 search for desktop gadgets using windows search or locate in control panel.

Once you have opened the desktop gadgets screen as shown in the image below. Just drag the clock gadgets to the desktop as many time as many clocks you want to display on the desktop as shown in the image below.

multiple time clocks windows desktop

Once you have placed the clock, you can configure the times zone as per the country or region you want to see the time from as shown in the image below.

clocks from differemt times zones

Another way to show different times, dates and weather and even more information can be done by using the following software which you will need to install on your windows computer first. One of the best program in this category is Quick Clock. It allows you to change the clock format from 24-hour scheme with seconds or a 12-hour scheme, the clock skins and time schemes can be configured separately.It can add as many clocks as you want on the Windows desktop. On the first install, four clocks are seen on the desktop displaying the date and time for New York, London, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

quick clock

The free version of quick clock is compatible with all recent 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system. Other free software called Clock-on-Desktop [ Comes with 30 day free trial – paid version cost $9 ] can also add few clocks on your desktop, allows you to display analog and digital clocks on your desktop. Each clock can be configured individually. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You can choose any of more than 50 built-in skins. You can change colors and sizes of the clocks. You can choose different time zones.

desktop clocks windows

Other software named Sharp World Clock [ 15 Day Free Trail ] is also good choice as it keeps the daylight Saving rules are kept up-to-date automatically with Windows Updates: no program updates required, ever. Clocks can be undocked from the main window; borders and background are optional; variable transparency. Smooth, realistic clock / hand shadows (like known from the Windows 7 / Vista sidebar clock widget. Different clock hands (9 styles included for each hour/minute and second hand) and editable clock face design presets

Sharp World Clock

Sharp World Clock is not only a universal time zone clock with almost every function you can imagine, using the most sophisticated modern programming techniques – it can also help you to improve your geographical knowledge with Country Flags on its interface and the State Borders on its built-in World Map and is enjoyably, intuitively and easy to use. You can watch the youtube video at this link to see it in action.

More Free Software’s and Options To Track Multiple Time Zones

If you are not happy with the above ways to track multiple times zone and dates, then you should read the extensive guide by Gizmo Freeware on this page where they have listed multiple options and ways to see times from different part of the world.


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