Make Apple Magic Trackpad Work On Windows PC [ Windows Driver Download ]

We recently posted about new apple magic trackpad, all those who purchased it seems to be happy with it. But there are some percentage of windows user are also who desires to use the apple great hardware with windows, In the past we told you how to make apple magic mouse work on windows.


Today we will tell you another way to make magic trackpad by apple to work on windows, There are two scenarios for using apple magic trackpad, either you are running windows on Mac machine with boot camp, in that case download this setup file and install it simply.

If you want to use magic trackpad on a windows machine which is not a Mac machine, then follow the procedure below.

1. Download this setup file, but don’t run it.

2. Download 7-zip and then extract the contents of the exe file which you have just downloaded as shown in the image below.


3. In the extracted file you will see one of the file named BootCampUpdate32.msp – right click and extract the contents of this file too, like you did in step 2

4. Once you have extracted it, . You will see several sub-folders that are named like BootCamp3135*. One of these folders will have a file called “Binary.AppleWirelessTrackpad_Bin” – just add a .exe extension to this file and then double-click to run it.

Once you double click the apple magic trackpad driver will get installed and you will be able to run it on windows machine with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

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  1. I’ve tried this multiple times, apple keyboard worked seemlessly, magic trackpad doesnt work at all.

  2. this worked. The apple touchpad is to sensitive when used in windows 7.

  3. I dont know why it wont work for me once the drivers are installed. Any suggestions? Is there something I need to enable?

  4. i have formatted my macbook A1181 model and i lost the cam drivers plz can u help me if u have or else tell me the correct site for downloading it plz

  5. The drivers seem to have installed correctly; however, it is asking for a pairing code. There is nothing in the documentation about a code.

  6. Hi,

    This worked for me on a Windows 7 64 bit PC – follow the instructions as detailed. (64 bit version is available on apple’s website.

    Tip – instead of looking through subfolders, search for Binary.AppleWirelessTrackpad_Bin and extract the first file from the results (worked for me)

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