Windows Explorer becomes Not Responding after inserting a disc in CD or DVD drive


One of the reader Ahamed reported the following problem, “My system becomes not responding when I insert CD or DVD in my DVD drive“.

What type of errors may occur when you try to read a CD or DVD :

1. The disc label does not appear in Windows Explorer on the CD / DVD drive.

2. The contents of the disc do not appear in Windows Explorer.

3. When you insert the disc in the drive, the computer stops responding.

4. You cannot eject the disc from the drive, even after pressing the eject button.

5. The computer takes a long time to read the disc, after recovering form hang state.

Let’s see how can we fix it.


There are some of the method’s which can be used to solve this problem.

First Method: (Cleaning the disc)

1. Remove the disc from the drive and see whether the disc you are trying to read contains some scratch or may be cracked.

2. Clean the disc by a disc cleaning kit available at the computer shops, or by gently wiping the silver side of the disc with a soft cloth. Make sure that you wipe the disc from the center, outward.
Note: Do not clean the disc with circular motion, it can cause scratches on the disc.

3. You can also try to clean the disc with some cd cleaning solutions available at computer shops.

4. Dry the disc after cleaning ,then insert the disc in CD / DVD drive.

Second Method: (Cleaning the CD or DVD drive lens)

If still you are not able to read the disc, then you need to clean the lens using a LASER LENS CLEANER

  1. Buy a Laser Lens Cleaner at the computer shops, these cleaners are quite cheap.It is usually a CD with small red and black brushes on the underside.
  2. If you were having problems playing certain CDs again, or sounds skips while playing the disc then it means the disc got corrupted.

If your problem of not reading the disc or my computer goes not responding after inserting the disc, even after following the above two methods then your CD or DVD drive may be faulty get it replaced by the manufacturer if it is under warranty and if not, then it’s shopping time.


  1. to clean the cds,we can also use perfumes…like rexona,axe…it works better than those cleaners which r available in the shops

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