[Solved] Fix All Shortcuts Open In Notepad With Scrambled Text

We got to know about this strange problems from some of our readers who faced this strange problem when suddenly what ever shortcuts they had on desktop or even when they create a new desktop shortcut it automatically opens in notepad and the icon of shortcuts also look similar to notepad.

It happens with users for all the shortcuts irrespective of what ever target they specify in the desktop shortcut, this problem occurs across all the accounts on windows including the administrator account, so once this starts happening it appears in all users accounts on windows old or new.

Symptoms For Shortcut Related Problems in Windows

1. The file associations for .LNK files on a Vista Home Premium SP1 computer have changed from their default association to another application program.

2. Some users reported that whenever they click any shortcut icon it opens windows explorer rather than launching the respective program or software.

After searching about the problem we got to know this is problem happens due to malware or some virus infection on your computer and corrupt the file association in windows, this could happen in any version of windows including all old and latest version of windows which is windows 8.

So, in order to fix this you just need to apply a file or registry fix which will fix the file associations for the desktop shortcuts and it will also fix file association for other files as well which may not be opening in their respective programs or software.

Fix Shortcuts In Windows Using Registry File

To simple fix all the types of file association for the shortcuts, you just need to download the Shortcut Link file association registry entry and then merge it by double clicking, please note you will need to confirm when you add this entry in windows registry.

Merge Shortcut Registry Fix

Please Note: In case you have association problem with some other files as well with different extensions, you can download the complete fix registry files for each file extension. You can individually fix the files which may not be opening with the right program.

Credit goes to Windows Seven Forums for these registry entries

If you don’t find the fix for your specific file association in the above registry files or you don’t want to take the pain of merging each registry fix for each type of file association in windows, you can download the single zip file for all windows files association fix and then just need to click a single file to fix all files types in windows so that they open in right program.

Credit goes to Win Help Online for this complete single fix file for registry

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