Why Is My Windows Firewall Not Working?

Firewall is a security arrangement in Windows which comes in-built to protect the computer from any unwanted network related threat. It works like an additional wall which blocks any network communication going out or coming into your Windows PC. It block any suspicious programs from using network, it prevents any incoming request which are not authorized or are unknown to Windows.

While it is a must have features in today’s cyber-crime filled environment, especially for computers connected to Internet, it may be a trouble when you are running some softwares or features which are not known to Windows or which it thinks is suspicious and it will block them. Keeping that small exception apart, it is recommended to have the Windows firewall tuned on.


There maybe some reasons when you may find that Windows Firewall is not working, in this article, we will talk about such cases and how you should deal with it.

Virus Infection– When a PC is attacked by a virus, it may damage the functionalities of the PC specially the security features. Some viruses disable firewalls, they make folder hidden, or prevent you from running certain features or software. If you are facing any problems which seem like a virus infection, run a full system scan with any of the anti-virus which is installed on your PC. If you don’t have any anti-virus installed, you can download and install any of the trusted free or paid anti-virus depending on your preferences.

Firewall Service Not Running– There maybe some reasons like some errors or corruptions because of which the firewall service might get impacted. To check whether firewall service is running in Windows or not, click Windows Key +R, type “services.msc” and press enter. This will open Windows services. Scroll down to Windows firewall services, right click on it and see the properties. If the service is stopped, start it and set it to start automatically.

Windows Firewall Service

External Firewall or Security Suite Installed- In case you are using an external firewall software or a security suite or anti-virus software which comes with bundled Firewall features, in that case also the in-built windows firewall may not be working. This is normal and you don’t need to be alarmed at it. Just make sure that the firewall feature is working in the external software or security suite so that your PC remains protected from any network threats.

Windows Firewall Turned Off

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