[Troubleshoot] Windows Media Player Crashes On Playing Video Or Music

One of our readers shared a problem related to Windows media player in which he was not able to use Windows Media player on his PC. The Windows Media Player crashes with an error saying:

WMP encountered a problem while playing this file and needs to close.

There can be few reasons behind this problem, so lets look at some of the potential solutions.


Most likely, such problems appear when there is a bad codec or there is any third-party installed codec which has gone corrupt. So first uninstall or repair install any codecs which might have been installed on you computer.

You can also try to update to the latest version of Windows Media Player which may solve the problem for you. If you have installed any add-ins on the browser which are related to the media player, try to disable these add ins and try using Windows Media player again. It will help you identify bad add-ins which you can uninstall to solve the problem.

If you are not a big fan of WMP, you can try use some third party media players like VLC which are free and can play most of the audio and video formats.

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