Windows Media Player Hangs On Playing HD Video File

I noticed a weird problem today with my Windows PC, when I was playing a High Definition video file in Windows Media player. As soon as I started playing, it started to freeze and get slow, the PC started to hang. I had to start task manager to kill the Windows media player task to get rid of it. In this article, I share with you some common reasons behind the hanging of Windows media player and how to resolve such problem.

Windows Media Player

Missing Codecs: Most common reason behind such hanging videos is missing or damaged codecs. In such case, you can download and install some reputed codec pack like Kaza Lite codec pack, restart the computer and try again. You can also try to repair codecs.

Corrupt Video File: In case the video file you are trying to play has some sort of file corruption or the disk on which it is saved has some sort of corruption, in that case, the video may also get stuck. Try running the video on some other PC or device and see if it woks there? If not, then you can probably try some utility to repair video files.

PC Too Loaded: It does take CPU, graphics processing and RAM to run a video file, so if your PC is too loaded or is running too much stuff already, in that case it may have some glitches in playing back HD videos. In this case try closing the applications and softwares which you are not using right now. Also remove some startup items with some tool like Soluto so that your PC gets a little faster in general too.

Windows Media Player Corruption: Although it’s a rare scenario, but Windows media player may also get corrupted because of some virus or some other malware which may cause trouble with its functioning. In such case, try to re-install media player using Windows features installation under programs and features in control panel.

Try Some Alternative Player: There are plenty of alternative video players with many free option like VLC player which work great with all kind of videos, so if nothing else is working, try an alternative player and try playing the video on it.

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