[Fixed] Windows WMI Control Panel Not Working / Failed Error

Windows uses many internal software components and modules which work in coordination to make Windows operating system work. One such important component is WMI or Windows Management Instrumentation which helps in carrying out Windows management tasks like starting a task on a remote computer, scheduling tasks, remotely reboot computer to name a few. One of our readers recently submitted a query reporting a Windows error he is facing on his computer. Her he gets an error frequently which says:

Windows WMI control Panel failed

We did some research on this problem and found an effective solution on the same which we share with you in this article.


You can read more about the WMI and its role and advance troubleshooting tips on the Microsoft official community pages here. Below is a quick solution to this error which you can follow.

Solution 1:

First solution is to try the official Microsoft WMI Diagnostic utility to diagnose and fix the WMI errors automatically.

Solution 2:

Second solution involves manually recreating files repository of the Webm in Windows. To do the same, follow the below steps:

Press Windows+R key to launch the run prompt, type services.msc and press enter

run services

This will launch Windows Services management window. Scroll down to locate the WMI service and right click on it and press Stop to stop the service.

Stop WMI Service

After you stop the service, open the folder c:\windows\system32\webm\repository

NOTE : If your windows are not installed on C drive, replace the drive letter in the above folder name.

Fix WMI Errors

Delete the files in this folder and restart the computer. These files will be recreated after the restart and will fix the Windows WMI control Panel not working or failed error for you.

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